Turning 25 : What have I learned so far !

I learned to appreciate the little I have because I’m not sure if I will have it again.
I learned to take every possible chance out there because that could be the only and last time for me.
I learned not to be scared, because the greatest things happen when you dare.
I learned to be happy because happiness is the greatest feeling one can ever feel (by the way it’s not love because when someone starts to talk about love they found  themselves eventually talking about happiness)
I learned to do whatever and all I want because that makes me feel like I’m on the top of the world, makes me feel unstoppable, makes me feel strong, independent, powerful, free, on fire, makes me feel beautiful inside and outside!! Priceless irreplacable feelings you get when you know that you’re taking control of your own life and none is making you as his puppet!

Most of all I learned that I’m living not to reach one only ultimate goal or attempt to obtain some material objects rather than collecting endless precious moments! I ‘ve spent so much time wondering what I want in this life, what do I really want, what am I living for, why am I here on this planet! I’ve thought of many scenarios, tried many experiences and  gone to many places, but always end up cluless finding no anwser!
However during these adventures I enjoyed living my life with all its ups and downs, devouring every moment of it, getting ecstasy in every rash of feelings, just living the moment with a load of positive intense emotions!
I figured out that while living you’ll hit some moments of your life where everything makes sense and everything shines with glitter endlessly for a sec, all your pains and worries will fade away and the flood of emotions invading your heart will purify your soul and gets you in a higher state of mind! and this kind of moments, these moments are to kill for, to die for, because that feeling of happiness is just irreplacable!

3 thoughts on “Turning 25 : What have I learned so far !

  1. Well at 25 you have certainly discovered much more than I had. This was a great post, a positive one. Really great.

    If I might I can add one thing to your list, we all will experience tragedies in our own life´s( different types of ones) it´s a matter if you recover from them and the sooner the better.

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