Would They ?!?

If one day, I jump off the edge

and lose all of my faith

Would they matter

would they care

would they know that I’m not there

and defenitly not even here

would they feel the impact of my fear

and see the wounds that I can’t heal

would they ask where the hell I’m gone

and where would I be if I’m done

would they look out for my face

and search around for my trace

would they matter

would they care.



Am I just like old fall leaves

expected to disappear

to be replaced with other fresh green

to vanish alone without beeing seen

me, myself and none can hear.


Am I so little that none can notice

and so nothing that none can focus

Or am I so far away that none want to seek

and so dark that everyone couldn’t see…

Darkness all around

Fear is the only sound

Me, you, them all under the ground

So what’s left there ?

Tears, smiles or laughter?

Nothing is alive

Only our pain growing to survive

To tell the story

of Sadness glory

Human’s misery, Sin’s victory are all our history!

Darkness all around

Our face to the groung

Hope can’t be found…

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