The evolution of my perception of my Body Image

Denise BidotEverytime I gain some weight (well actually ‘snif snif’ a LOT!) I start following this kind of facebook pages that celebrates curvy/chubby women trying to convince myself that some extra curves won’t do any harm to what already has been done :p  (although am pretty sure that my knees disagree but I’m not really paying attention to their complaints for the moment… so meeeeh ) 😀
However I know that somewhere deep inside my conscious mind and my suffering soul I really Really have to eventually start working out … or just start wearing spanx to look a bit closer to those pretty girls !

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5 thoughts on “The evolution of my perception of my Body Image

  1. I wouldn’t put it that way. Not closer to those pretty girls I mean Losing weight is about being healthier and I was just saying the other day cause I feel like you do skinny= pretty but really that’s not true skinny can equal healthier which may make you happier or it may not. I’ve been telling myself lately that I need to realize now that I’m a pretty person that I just wants to work out and get healthier instead of “prettier” Be I’m Freakin Pretty already!!! :O) So Your Pretty already so don’t worry about that. Just remind your self that. :O) At least that helps me

    1. It’s not really that am considering that being slim is perfect and pretty, I was already size 14 but now after I came home from a long vacation I kind felt confortable missing home food and gained more weight becoming a size 16 ! so I was quite feeling upset and not comfortable in my own skin anymore, and as you said I think I need to work out to be healthier not really skinnier

      1. I know the feeling of being uncomfortable in my own skin and it sucks. I’m working on it too. Believe me I have to remind myself all the time. Oh and side note I would love to be a 16 one day. 🙂

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