Cosmic Gate & Eric Lumiere – Falling Back

Awesome memories from ASOT 650 Utrecht during Cosmic Gate ‘s set !!

Best Trance Lyrics

I believe that we can make it
I don’t care what others say
They don’t know the way we love, they’re outside

If you can meet me in the middle
maybe we can compromise a little
Coz our love is worth it all
it’s bigger than little things we fight
For you I’ll give up all the lives that don’t lift us

We’re falling back in love
Here we are again
Now you’re singing my song
And I’m singing your song

Falling back in love
And we’re both moving
to the beat that goes like this
I’m singing yeahh
And do woooohhhhh

We’re falling back in love

Now that we are here together
let this moment last forever
As I look into your eyes
they’re so bright
I promise I’ll tell you all my secrets
tell you my fears and face my demons
Cause honesty will bring the light


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