Hey Daily Post you get ready for my 10min-sporadic thoughts!

This is my first time joining The Daily Post weekly ritual, I was trying to write something nice or cool but once again I found myself creating a messy draft made of many random and unfinished ideas! Lost in thoughts

Well it’s quite sad that I feel like writing only when I get into a gloomy mood or when I’m overwhelmed with all those negative feelings like being hurt, lonely,bored, heartbroken the most.To be honest I don’t remember that I once started writing out of happiness, writing was like a prayer for me… yes a prayer for hope and relief. It was kind of an escape from reality… I agree that reality can have both shares of joy and sadness but we never escape from heaven, we only escape from pain, confusion, heartache. Only in those dark moments  we tend to isolate ourselves with either our beloved ones or our dearest habbits for instance like writing or maybe for some others singing, dancing, etc. We just escape from all what is hard to handle trying to forget our painful yesterday and hoping for a better tomorrow. I know that was kind of dark and pessimistic but I guess all depends on someone’s mood. But in all cases I think will never get with this writing hobby quite correctly (specially if I’m doing it at work 😀 ) and I should better stick to my software developing thing. anyway have a good day folks 🙂

This post is in response to DAILY PROMPT Ready, Set, Done


2 thoughts on “Hey Daily Post you get ready for my 10min-sporadic thoughts!

  1. Very Wordsworthian perspective! Writing can be a form of escapism, but it’s also a way of confronting our greatest fears, too. And if you have the talent and the inclination (which you do), why not?

    1. wow ! Thank you for your gentle words, they really made me feel so proud, and definitely motivated to write more often. Thanks sir for the “coup de pouce” 🙂

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