Melomaniac For Life !

It’s amazing how music has a way of putting things into perspective for us that it becomes so easy to relate to songs through the lyrics, beat, melody, every part of it.
It makes you wonder how did the singer know  so much about your life to work his magic stealing the words from your lips that you couldn’t say and playing the sound of your mind and the rythme of your heart!

8 thoughts on “Melomaniac For Life !

  1. Hey there jogy! I abbreviated your name hope you don´t mind since jojogjoy was too long. Glad you stumbled upon my blog and had some laughs.

    Yes, music is a source of inspiration for all. We can find comfort in it, and since the singer are also human and write about the things they have been through or is happening to them we as listeners can relate to them and make us feel happy, melancholic, e.t.c. I find music quite inspirational for my writing, specially when I write nutty poetry, kind of fun poetry you could say. Like the one “Every day I´m shuffling” that actually came from a song that I had stuck in my head and got back home and decided to write a poem about that sentence. Go figure, so yes music does impact us. Can bring good memories and also bad.

    Nice meeting you, now I´m going to do what I have coined “my cool stalker moves” on you, so if you don´t mind once in a while I´ll be dropping by.

    1. Hey there ! Glad you stopped by to this deserted or maybe forsaken part of wordpress well actually my pseudo name is “jojo (for Hajer which is my real name) g ( well just because it rhymes with the rest :p ) joy (because I’m “la joie de vivre” once am in good mood 😀 )” so you can just call me jojo 🙂
      And yeah, please feel free reading my random thoughts, probably I won’t seem to you the same person that writes all of these posts, I myself used to think that I had bipolar desorder when I was younger or ADHD or something weird, because of my constant and successive ups and downs so the good news I’m not gonna bore you 😀 anywhoooooo it was a pleasure to read from you and I wish a great day since it’s still 9am where I live 🙂

      1. Exactly and that’s the struggle of my life, trying to be as cheerful and happy optimistic person as I can be, you know YOLO as nowadays say,I can’t waste this life in a grumpy mood, who knows if there will be another life to make up for what we’re going through now!
        Oh btw am from north africa(precisly Tunisia) where almost nobody reads urghhh, thank god europe exists!I read in one of your posts that one should be thankful for not being in one of the third world countries and I was like “Amen man” 😀

      2. Probably said that in some post about third world countries, since I´ve been to two of them. Job related that was, wasn´t pretty I can say that.

        And yes, life is too short to waste it on being grumpy and sad. Belief me on that one. So up you go! and as I say:make the best whith what you have and smile to the gates of hell….which is where I´m probably going anyways.

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