OMG I witnessed a Hit & Run!!

Yesterday on my way back home after work, I witnessed a hit and run accident, it was a narrow road but the area was full of coffee shops, restaurants, shopping stores etc, you know all those kind of shops that hypnotize you with their glamour and rip your heart out through your wallet with your total consent from the beginneing of the road till its ending.

persian cat

That being said the road was of course crowded with people enjoying sipping their drinks in front of the stores and fancy cars bragging their wheels for the pampered audience, which one of the audience was a pretty fluffy persian cat running towards a pizzeria across the street but during that brief journey she was run over by a fasting car.

The second I saw the cat rolling between the wheels I start screaming and I covered my eyes and turned my head in disbelief ! I’m a huge cat lover, I can’t stand living with that incident in my mind, I bursted in tears but the second I turned back to check the cat , the street was empty, no car no cat nothing !! looks like the cat managed somehow to escape and save itself! houf thank god the cat was saved, that’s all it matters, but I am the victim who’s going back home with running mascara on my face 😀


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