Just another lonely morning thought…

8am Saturday morning, the first day of the long awaited weekend, I woke up in my apartment alone eyes wide open unable to enjoy my “grâce matinale” since I slept last friday night at 9pm!

It’s 9.30am and I’ve already had my coffee, breakfast and cigarette, gone for grocery shopping and read 20 pages of my book. And now what?

smokeThis new lifestyle of an independent hardworking young lady is sucking my soul out of my life!
Can my life be more miserable and lonelier than this!

Here’s an extract from my daily reading that I really enjoyed :

“She reminded herself that she had been raised with good values, was a nice girl from a nice family who had been taught from an early age not to covet, but now she wondered what that really meant. Wasn’t it just a way of preventing people who could never get what they wanted from feeling bad about their lives?
For now she did not covet in avery way, and with a keen sense of purpose? Was it her fault that she’d been brought up not to expect much more from life than a vague kind of job and a vague sort of marriage with some shadowy children attached? what sort of deep meaning was she supposed to garner from that?
But here, she thought, touching the fabric of a fine silk dress, these things were real. No matter how many times she’d been warned about the dangers of wanting things, in her mind, they were achievements. They were like a magical duty of some kind, paid to thos whom God or fate mysteriously chose to honor, and it seemed that one had hardly to do anything to recieve them.”
Trading Up by Candace Bushnell  ( NYTimes bestselling author of One fifth Avenue and Sex and the City)


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