The Goodbye I always wanted to say

“You keep hurting me, and I don’t want you in my life anymore!”

goodbye bitch
That being said, you’ve always known that you’re not good for me but you didn’t care and you still hung around, unfortunately it’s only now that I’ve come to see this ugly truth as well and only now that I’ve realized that I deserve better. I’m sure am better off without you and I’m sure you’re the same without me, so I guess it’s a win-win situation!

And as long as none is harmed by this statement I think the day has finally come for me to set myself free from our awkward relationship and be happy in a normal connection with other people, so farewell dear whatever you meant to me!


One thought on “The Goodbye I always wanted to say

  1. I love the liberation in your post Jojo, Mainly because I could totally relate with it. We have these people in our lives sometimes that we need to be let go, for a sole reason to give ourselves some peace of mind. Everybody deserves their peace if mind. I wish you luck and happiness with this new-found freedom 🙂
    Love, Zee ❤

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