One Quick Cute Story!

Back in my teen years I used to be a fan of One Tree Hill well more likely I’m fond of Sophia Bush. So here’s a nice resume or a cutie sum up made by Brooke’s most known quotes that I really like and feel related to ( yes yes it’s about relationships and the miserable drama of unrequited love! ) enjoy 🙂









And finally a glimpse of joy for you all: Stay refreshed by Hope folks !

be refreshed


One thought on “One Quick Cute Story!

  1. Love this post Jojo! One of the reasons being ‘One Tree Hill’ is one of my all time fav shows along with Grey’s Anatomy. Thank you for sharing all these quotes from OTH. It was refreshing to see them all and take a walk back in the memory lane 🙂

    Have a great weekend ❤

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