Am just saying…

Sometimes people tell you when you’re hurt: “you deserve better”, “you’re better than this”, “they don’t know your real value”, “someone someday will know what you’re really worth and give you what you deserve”.

years & years - take shelter 3

That’s a nice thing to say but it genuinely makes me wonder what Really makes You deserve better! Who exactly on this earth can decide that you’re better than this shit you’re sinking in, what did you ever do exactly in your life that puts you above the average and casual incidents that almost everyone has experienced.

Specially when you really think about it, you’re not really suffering from a first time problem that you’re the only person in the world who has encoutered. Other people, good people, gorgeous people, kind-hearted people has gone through similar awfull situations, so what makes YOU, you the very average person who has an ordinary life, better than what is expected to not suffer from some common issues, ruthless, devastating, heart-destroying, yet very common. On which scale and according to whom exactly that I should be the exception and I should experience only the best of life! Why?! For any reasons do I deserve all this “you deserve better” speech!


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