Me & You

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Language of Things.”

We’ve got to admit that love is the most positive and bittersweet feeling we could ever experience in our lives, and in order to express my feelings towards the person I love, those things rings a loud bell in my mind :

– The sky: it’s how much I miss him… as much as the sky is wide and infinite.

-Ice cube: it’s how I see myself away from him and when I meet him, I melt like an ice cube exposed to intense heat.

– Flower: it’s how I feel like when I’m with him, thriving spontaneously!

-Electricity: is the distance between us, how dangerous it become when we get close or when we get far from each other.

– The sea: it’s the expansion of your love where I find myself drawning blindly and helplessly to ever survive its deep layers.



2 thoughts on “Me & You

  1. oh my god! so sweet! all this feelings, and you don’t want talk about it!! I don’t believe you! 😀
    I see stars and hearts in your eyes… 🙂 I see a story of a BIG BIG love ❤
    Wish you all the best JOJO… :*

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