50 Shades of Grey… hmmm

Making Beyonce’s “Crazy in love” the soundtrack of 50 Shades of grey trailer is a perfect idea! Now the song makes much much MUCH more sense (if you know what I mean 😉 )


It’s not a happy day… but!

It’s not a happy day , it’s not even a good day but I still feel somehow cheerful and gleeful.

Since the minute I opened my eyes this early monday morning I was feeling happy, not happy blissful, full of joy or having that sweet childish happiness that makes you giggle over the smallest tricks ;which for some they may say that it’s the reversed effect of high depression; no it’s not that. I’m just ‘happy’ contented, ‘happy’ relaxed, ‘happy’ positive attitude no matter what happens in this gloomy day, I don’t know where that came from and I don’t feel like analysing like I usually do but I’m just happy today and I wanna share my positive vibes!

Have a great day y’all 🙂


things out there


You! Beware there are,
things out there
imaginative, beautiful, sad, loneliness, happiness
things out there
we think we look everywhere;
yet we shall seek only certain things,
in despair
certain things of all those things;
that are already there
for us to grab, hug; and snuggle with them

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

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House| Higher feat. Daphne (Original Mix) by Paul Oakenfold & Project 46

Track of the Week !!

The Most Unreal Beats


I have literally been craving a new EDM track that is unreal and this one definitely satisfied me and I am sure it will satisfy you. Project 46 are two guys that are pretty new and upcoming and they are definitely getting bigger. Every song they have released that I have heard so far are pretty unreal and I see a bright future for them. They will be at Ultra Music Festival this March and I will definitely try to attend there performance when I am down there for the first weekend. This new track they released is amazing. You could not ask for better lyrics or a better beat in a song and I have had this one on replay for a while. Worth the download. Enjoy.

Higher feat. Daphne (Original Mix) {Click To Download}

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One Poem A Day

I fell…I fell

Oh! How I fell

The bottomless pit of falling

For him, and him alone

I fumbled and I stumbled and I lost my footing

His presence engulfs me

Drowns me, to a feeling that makes me light-headed

Oh, don’t be offended…..for it’s a good thing

I wait….I wait

For so long I have waited

For him to see, for him to know

Yet the shadow still covers me from telling the truth

To let him know

I struggle with this never-ending battle

Of me, myself and I

He knew

He knows! Oh! I’m sure of it

My eyes gave me away and he always knew

I grew weary and tired of this confusing dance

Although it was clear that I alone felt it

But he was too kind to say it

Yet I still fall and fumble and stumble

Like I’ve just learned how to walk

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Wait, Wait, Wait

One Poem A Day

“I’d like to date you”
These words he’ll never say
She knows it all too well
But still she says, “come what may”

She knows he’ll never see
Never see her
Yet she happily imagines a life
A life with him forever

And so it is to this day
She sits, she smiles
Still waiting for him to realize
Love is not far away
Not even a mile
It’s just in front of him
All this time

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