Ding Ding… 2015 is already here !

Another new year has come and a lot of wishes and resolutions has been made, it’s just a matter of time and some of those hopes will turn into reality but many will remain just a wish as they have been for the previous years.

My wishes for the new year are the same every year, “I want to be happy”. I always say “I never asked for muchn I just want to be happy, but it looks like these days happiness costs a lot!

Three years ago I wished to be happy in 2012 hoping it would be a successful year for me by finishing my college, because at that time passing college was what made me happy. The next year I wished for a better job and a better lifestyle because I was stuck in an awful job, and I thought changing my job orthe city could make me happy. During 2013 I changed my job and left the country and still not feeling exactly “that happy” so I was looking or what was missing in my life, and eventually I wished for love for the next year!

I fell indeed in love in 2014 and it hurts like hell! Now you may think  that this year I’ve grown more mature and I discovered again that love doesn’t make me happy as I thought it would and I will wish for something else in 2015, but that’s not exactly true, I still wish for love not just in 2015, but for all my life. I know it hurts but still it was the best feeling I’ve ever experienced, it doesn’t matter that the experience was shitty as you can ever imagine but the feeling itself was amazing, undescribable and I do wanna feel it again! so my wishes for the new year for all the people I know and for myself as well is to be absolutely living a happy dreamy love story ❤

And remember to always have faith in life because you never know what tomorrow can bring 🙂

tomorrow brings


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