Dear Self… “Sorry”!

Dear Self

I’m terribly enormously sorry!
I’m sorry for misleading you …

I’m sorry for convincing you that you’re an extraordinary person who will be living fairytales in her life, for telling you that everyone around you is wrong and blinded to see the truth, the truth about the real purpose of life, but I was the wrong one. Sorry for brainwashing your small head with all the scenes you’ve seen in your stupid happy ending movies or read in your shallow perfect plotted book collection.

I’m  sorry for making you a victim of your own imagination, sorry for making a fool of you in those times when you had to confront real world with your dreamy thoughts and mythical values.
I’m sorry for leaving you alone, incomprehensible, outcast in your own perfect pinky world.

That being said, I know you would expect me to change, I promise I’ll try but it will take time to recover into what I really am, just another ordinary person who’s afraid to be alone and seeks for happiness.

Finally, thanks for the enlightenment dear Louis C.K. you’ve been a great inspiration.


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