A good year, well I would even say a great year.
Though I had my heart broken into thousands pieces by its early beginning spending nights crying my heart out, I thought I was incredebly in love over a virtual “relationship”, but days showed me that it was an illusion, thanks to the support of my friends and family they stood by my side and made me see the truth and have a clearer vision to what was really happening… and maaan I was living in my own imagination, I guess I was so eager to fall in love that i created a whole plot in my mind and believed that I was the star of my own movie. Obviously it took me a while  to let go of that imaginary feeling and situation I was living in, I’m not sure was it because I hate to admit that I lost, or refusing the rejection or failing in another “relationship” again, I just couldn’t believe that I was not loved back… again.
Well I guess it’s still hard to face all that but life goes on, it should, it is going on.
Better days came indeed, I spent the summer in Paris, I’ve tried new things, dared to cross another line and to leave another level of my comfort zone. I guess I can fairly say that I had my ups and downs even, I’m really gratefull for that I’m thankfull for the lessons, and forgiving the pains but I’m gratefull for my happy moments, I’m happy for meeting Lauryn Hill in a plane, happy for having a romantic date next to the eiffel tower in Paris, happy for being in the middle of a huge crowd in a street party in freaking Amsterdam with my friends singing loudly and dancing on Rihanna’s “Shine bright like a diamond”!! How awesome is that! in a million year I would never thought that would happen to me. I’m really grateful for that.
So many wishes for the new year, as I do for each year, so many wishes has gone with the wind to be replaced with many unpredictible good and bad news. I still wish for people, for some adventure, though I know it’s impossible, but the childish part in me can never stop hoping for a miracle.

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