About Le Moi


Mainly a huge music addict, Trance music wildest fan, very sensitive and spontaneous girl, an emotionally possessive and a clingy lover, extremely expressive and impulsive person, depression and sadness worshiper once am down. I think I mainly see myself more like a wild stream of emotions!

The million dollar deal that can totally make my day better is an inspirationnel scene, like talent shows where people amazes the world, or even just some motivational articles!

I still get very high and very low in life. Daily. But I’ve finally accepted the fact that sensitive is just how I was made, that I don’t have to hide it and I don’t have to fix it. I’m not broken.

Here I am. Fully dressed and totally naked. My soul, exposed. More and more, this is the only way I know how to be.

The two things I wanna be in life are good and happy.


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