Save your beauty from bad omens!!

Today I was reading an article about tips on how to lose weight, and one of the tricks was to eat in front of the mirror because somehow watching ourselves eat can be a powerful trigger to consume less.

eat in front of mirror

Well… unfortunately I can’t do that because a wise friend of mine from Ukraine told me that’s a bad omen. I’m not quite sure if it’s according to a russian or ukrainian superstition that eating in front of a mirror means that you can eat all of your own beauty, so as a measure of preservation of what is left from my partially consumed beauty I strictly prohibit myself from doing it ever again and I recommend you as well to forget about it while following any strange diet habits 😀


OMG I witnessed a Hit & Run!!

Yesterday on my way back home after work, I witnessed a hit and run accident, it was a narrow road but the area was full of coffee shops, restaurants, shopping stores etc, you know all those kind of shops that hypnotize you with their glamour and rip your heart out through your wallet with your total consent from the beginneing of the road till its ending.

persian cat

That being said the road was of course crowded with people enjoying sipping their drinks in front of the stores and fancy cars bragging their wheels for the pampered audience, which one of the audience was a pretty fluffy persian cat running towards a pizzeria across the street but during that brief journey she was run over by a fasting car.

The second I saw the cat rolling between the wheels I start screaming and I covered my eyes and turned my head in disbelief ! I’m a huge cat lover, I can’t stand living with that incident in my mind, I bursted in tears but the second I turned back to check the cat , the street was empty, no car no cat nothing !! looks like the cat managed somehow to escape and save itself! houf thank god the cat was saved, that’s all it matters, but I am the victim who’s going back home with running mascara on my face 😀

Thinking “Social”

Recently I’ve attended a social business forum which was organized with the aim of raising awareness and spearheading new social business initiatives. After listening carefully to all the invited guests talking about how their projects started from an idea then grew into actions then businesses that eventually contributed helping the society as they wished to do, I felt some kind of a drive itching me to stand up and start doing something towards my society myself.
According to what they said this kind of “business” takes a lot of time and in some cases years to see the fruits of your work but it’s all worth it since they were doing something with passion and giving them satisfaction and inner peace.

“Life is too short to not live our dreams but those dreams are meaningless if we don’t start taking actions to achieve them» that was basically what almost everyone wanted to say and fortunately that’s what I believe in as well. In one specific moment of everyone’s speech when they started talking about the joy of helping others and improving their society and how it felt right although they’ve been criticized by their beloved and closest one because they dumped everything for just a good deed, I knew that I should face my fears and start to take act.

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Turning 25 : What have I learned so far !

I learned to appreciate the little I have because I’m not sure if I will have it again.
I learned to take every possible chance out there because that could be the only and last time for me.
I learned not to be scared, because the greatest things happen when you dare.
I learned to be happy because happiness is the greatest feeling one can ever feel (by the way it’s not love because when someone starts to talk about love they found  themselves eventually talking about happiness)
I learned to do whatever and all I want because that makes me feel like I’m on the top of the world, makes me feel unstoppable, makes me feel strong, independent, powerful, free, on fire, makes me feel beautiful inside and outside!! Priceless irreplacable feelings you get when you know that you’re taking control of your own life and none is making you as his puppet!

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